Diana (fatesong) wrote in older_hp_fans,

Alivan's Wand for Sale

Hey everyone! I'm trying to raise money for college, so I've been auctioning off a lot of my stuff. Want a wand, like the ones in Harry Potter? One of the items I have up for auction is a real Solitaire Collection wand from Alivan's Wandmakers!

Please check it out:

Alivan's Solitaire Collection Harry Potter Magic Wand

All of these auctions will support my college fund. This is a wand that I won in a Sparkle on the Alivan's facebook page; unfortunately, I haven't had time to use it, and I won't be able to take it to college with me. It is a new & unused Solitaire Collection wand made of Rosewood and Cherry wood. It's a little over 15".

What's significant about the Solitaire Collection is that each wand is unique: only one is made of each kind. Therefore, the prices on the Alivan's site for such wands range from $60 to over $100. With this auction, you can get it for much cheaper ($20 is the current price)! Solitaire wands also have more magic power. :)

Anyway, that's all for now. Please offer your support if you can. My college costs $50,000 a year, so it would really help if you could contribute by bidding on or purchasing one of my items!
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